Witch doll to get…..

Hi people!!!

So this is my second post today but it’s important. I really want to get 2 new dolls(or more….) but I need you to comment and tell me witch ones to get.(Once I have money!) My top ones are


                                                                               Marie-Grace  (historical)

                                                                               MyAG # 57 and 56

                                                                              MyAG # 46 and 21

                                                                               Rebecca Rubin(historical

                                                                                  Ivy Ling (historical)

                                                                                MyAG #47

                                                                                So that is all of them, I want you to comment saying witch 2 I should get.













One thought on “Witch doll to get…..

  1. Aly says:

    47 and 46 i want those really badly

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