All My AG Dolls

Here is a picture of me and my dolls: (from summer 2011)

Paige Leanne Mcharison: Paige is a girly-girl. She loves all things pink and sparkly. She wants to be famous one day, and will never give up that dream.

Chrissa Mildred Maxwell: Chrissa loves blue, and is a minor girly-girl. She loves cheer leading and dance. Chrissa is also a know it all Brit (she’s British)

Kanani Cara Akani: Kanani is the surfing fanatic. She is always dying to go to the beach(which rarely happens because we live in washington). She is the least like Chrissa, and they DON’T get along well.

Aiden: Aiden is a custom JLY#13. He is a boy, and likes baseball.

Colette Phyliss Jones : Colette is a complete tom-boy. She hates ANYTHING girly.

Laykin Maria Parker : Laykin is very quiet, and keeps to herself. She only expresses herself when she’s singing on stage.

Phenix Delilah Real: Phenix is probably the most hyper person you will ever meet! She is super nice, and very bubbly.

Reighlin Natalie Johnson: Reighlin is a total rebel. She is very outgoing, and stands up for what she wants!


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