Oh, School

Well Hi There.

So, today we had ice cream sandwiches in class.

While going to pack up,(yeah, i’m only in 5th grade) I got distracted and ran into a desk. My class had just got yelled at by my teacher, so it was quiet. When I told my friend, we tried to not laugh, and failed.


Bye now.

-Libby ❤


Spring Break


For most of you, including me, spring break is coming up! I will be leaving on Wednesday morning to visit my cousins in Florida! My grandparents will also be coming, and I will definitely  bring some of my dolls!



*Insert Title Here*

Yellow peeps.

I could not be more disappointed… In myself!

So i’ve been lacking in doll vids. How could I??? Whatevs.

Help meeee: Any ideas for custom dolls? Like, ag’s with different wigs/ make up? Ideas for boy doll or wigs shops?

If you know any cheap place to buy dolls/ wigs online, please help me out!

– Libsters out.

My New Series Idea!

fancy seeing you here!

Anyways, I filmed the end of rumors, so I got a new series planned out!!! Plot:

There is a girl named Rio(played by Phenix) and her sister Reighya (played by Kanani) that live in the year 2059. The capitol city start making crazy stupid rules for the society. Like, no one can own a pencil, or pillows are banned from 3:oo a.m. to 6: p.m. Rio and Reighya decide to take a stand and fight against the capitol city, plotting to bomb the official office. They arn’t just doing this for themselves. They are doing this for revenge, because the principal of America killed their parents for eating to much bread.

So, what do you think? Good or bad??? Comment and tell me!





So this is a post about….. Well, I don’t know. Stuff. My mind needs to be more creative.

(1) School. Luckily, I have Monday off, and that is an excellent time to make videos. You agree?

(2) All My Dolls video. I will soon have one, I promise. Yeah.

(3) Haters. I would say I hate them, but that would make me a hater… So, I strongly dislike them.

(4) AGTube. One word: hope. It’s the light in the hallway of life. Just admit it, sometimes life can hurt ya’. AGtube won’t.

(5) Again, haters. WoW. I very much strongly dislike them. They are jealous.









well hi.

So, you probably know that rumors(AG series) is almost over. I have multiple ideas for a new series  in my head, and I need you to help me decide which one to use!!

Plot #1- A comedic show that’s a knock-off of America’s Got Talent, called Doll’s Got Talent. WHOOP.

Plot #2 -A dramatic series about a girl being kidnapped, and her fight to stay alive.

Plot #3- A funny and dramatic series about a princess who runs away, tired of being treated like a princess, even though she is one.

So comment and tell me what you want to see most!!!!!


(P.S. I will have more ideas up!)

All My AG Dolls

Here is a picture of me and my dolls: (from summer 2011)

Paige Leanne Mcharison: Paige is a girly-girl. She loves all things pink and sparkly. She wants to be famous one day, and will never give up that dream.

Chrissa Mildred Maxwell: Chrissa loves blue, and is a minor girly-girl. She loves cheer leading and dance. Chrissa is also a know it all Brit (she’s British)

Kanani Cara Akani: Kanani is the surfing fanatic. She is always dying to go to the beach(which rarely happens because we live in washington). She is the least like Chrissa, and they DON’T get along well.

Aiden: Aiden is a custom JLY#13. He is a boy, and likes baseball.

Colette Phyliss Jones : Colette is a complete tom-boy. She hates ANYTHING girly.

Laykin Maria Parker : Laykin is very quiet, and keeps to herself. She only expresses herself when she’s singing on stage.

Phenix Delilah Real: Phenix is probably the most hyper person you will ever meet! She is super nice, and very bubbly.

Reighlin Natalie Johnson: Reighlin is a total rebel. She is very outgoing, and stands up for what she wants!