Possible custom doll…?

Hi people who read my blog!!

So i’ve been thinking and decided I really want to create and sell a custom AG doll on Ebay. Whould you people like that? I was thinking I could do a Molly with a wig from Releasrain. I really want money to go to the AG Place and this is the best thing I could think of.. Please comment and say if that would be cool or lame.



Possible Pattern

Hey people!

I’m Thing of doing a bubble skirt pattern for ┬áthe pullip doll. I need to know weather or not you would purchase it. Comment below and tell me. If the majority of the votes is yes, I will put out the pattern. If the majority of the votes is no, I will not. If you have any ideas for other patterns for the pullip doll, comment and tell me. Thats all for now, Bye!!!