well hi.

So, you probably know that rumors(AG series) is almost over. I have multiple ideas for a new series  in my head, and I need you to help me decide which one to use!!

Plot #1- A comedic show that’s a knock-off of America’s Got Talent, called Doll’s Got Talent. WHOOP.

Plot #2 -A dramatic series about a girl being kidnapped, and her fight to stay alive.

Plot #3- A funny and dramatic series about a princess who runs away, tired of being treated like a princess, even though she is one.

So comment and tell me what you want to see most!!!!!


(P.S. I will have more ideas up!)



Hi everybody!!!!! I am so so so so sory for not writing posts lately… But i promise I will write more often. So what i’m really here to talk about is updates. Hve you guys checked out dollabee ?? If not, its like craigs but all doll related. Check it out!!! Secondly, I want to say soon I will start auctiong off outfits that fit AG dolls. Does that sound cool or what???!! Next, I will be talking about AG place Seattle, witch is amazing!! I recently got MYAG # 55 and have named her Nicolette. She’s super cool. I’m hoping to get Marie-Grace but I kinda need money for that…… Any ways, It’s been fun talking to you guys, but I kinda want to write another post… BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kanani Akina

As you probably know , Liberty Jane clothing will give away a Kanani Akina Doll for our contest. Also we will be getting a second Kanani Akina doll for modeling and I will be doing videos with her. I’m SO exited!!!!