ModDoll Issue 4

Hey Guys! Issue 4 is now available…

Sorry I haven’t made a magazine in a while!! :p Tell me, what should issue 5’s topic be???

Just click the image then print the page ( file – print) Then follow the directions on the papers to out the magazine together. Sorry, next time I’ll include A,B, C tabs 🙂


Below is a video tutorial of an earlier issue. This might help you understand how it goes together, even though issue 4 has a fold out poster.


AG Place Seattle 1/1/12

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posts, but I promise to post more often! So on January 1st I went to the American Girl Place Seattle! I had a super fun time, and it was a lot less crowded than I thought it would be!!! I got McKenna Brooks and her practice wardrobe. I love them both! I re-named McKenna Reighlin Johnson. I had a great time and I can’t wait to go back! The next doll I want is JLY #56, but I dont expect to get her soon. Thanks for reading!

Toodle Doo


Possible custom doll…?

Hi people who read my blog!!

So i’ve been thinking and decided I really want to create and sell a custom AG doll on Ebay. Whould you people like that? I was thinking I could do a Molly with a wig from Releasrain. I really want money to go to the AG Place and this is the best thing I could think of.. Please comment and say if that would be cool or lame.


Witch doll to get…..

Hi people!!!

So this is my second post today but it’s important. I really want to get 2 new dolls(or more….) but I need you to comment and tell me witch ones to get.(Once I have money!) My top ones are


                                                                               Marie-Grace  (historical)

                                                                               MyAG # 57 and 56

                                                                              MyAG # 46 and 21

                                                                               Rebecca Rubin(historical

                                                                                  Ivy Ling (historical)

                                                                                MyAG #47

                                                                                So that is all of them, I want you to comment saying witch 2 I should get.













Hi everybody!!!!! I am so so so so sory for not writing posts lately… But i promise I will write more often. So what i’m really here to talk about is updates. Hve you guys checked out dollabee ?? If not, its like craigs but all doll related. Check it out!!! Secondly, I want to say soon I will start auctiong off outfits that fit AG dolls. Does that sound cool or what???!! Next, I will be talking about AG place Seattle, witch is amazing!! I recently got MYAG # 55 and have named her Nicolette. She’s super cool. I’m hoping to get Marie-Grace but I kinda need money for that…… Any ways, It’s been fun talking to you guys, but I kinda want to write another post… BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Possible Pattern

Hey people!

I’m Thing of doing a bubble skirt pattern for  the pullip doll. I need to know weather or not you would purchase it. Comment below and tell me. If the majority of the votes is yes, I will put out the pattern. If the majority of the votes is no, I will not. If you have any ideas for other patterns for the pullip doll, comment and tell me. Thats all for now, Bye!!!